Grading in the Western Cape

Grading in south africa

The old way

Grading happens on average every three months at either interdojos or seminars hosted throughout the year. Since most dojos are located in Johannesburg and Pretoria, most gradings also happened in Gauteng, making it a bit difficult and expensive for members from Cape Town to attend.

To be able to host a grading up to 1st kyuu, a minimum of three 3rd dans are required for the grading panel, thereafter the examiners must be 3 grades higher than the highest grade available to grade for at the event.

This also added to the fact why Cape Town hardly ever hosted gradings, the senior sensei’s were all located in Gauteng and would have to travel to oversee the grading event.


great news for Cape Town kendoka

At the October seminar in 2018, three of Kenshin’s members were eligible to grade for 3rd dan. After a whole year of intense training and preparation, Kenshin made history by having three new 3rd dan members. The highest group of kendoka in the province at the same time.

This meant that from 2019, kendoka in the Cape can grade up to 1st kyuu without having to travel to Johannesburg.

This is important for kendo in the province to grow, making it easy for new members to progress though the kyuu levels and up to dan. The key to growing the kendo community is for a great influx of kyuus to ensure a constant stream of new individuals.

As the community grows and higher grades are attained by members, grading events will be able to go up to dan levels, and growing kendo in South Africa as a whole.