classes and times

Mondays: 19:10 – 20:40
Wednesday: 19:10 – 20:40
Saturday: 07:15 – 08:15


No previous martial arts experience needed.
You learn all the basic techniques of kendo.
No armour involved.


You learn the more advanced kendo techniques.
You learn to fight against opponents.
Start getting ready to fight in armour.


You only train in armour.
Focus on perfecting all kendo techniques.
Understanding the deeper philosophies of kendo.

Class Fees

Beginner's course

R1000 once off

  • Includes three months class fees as well as a shinai
  • If you wish to continue after this initial period, you move over to the monthly class fee

Monthly class fee

R370 p/m

  • All active members pay a monthly class fee for three classes a week
  • Family members get 50% discount

R60 p/m

  •  Monthly SAKF seminar fee 

Annual SAKF fee

R340 p/a

All members are required to pay the yearly South African Kendo Federation membership fee
This entitles you to:

  • Training at any of the kendo dojo’s country wide
  • Admission to all seminars held during the year
  • Admission into interdojo competitions
  • Admission to gradings
  • Affiliation to the EKC and IKF